Saturday, 2 November 2013

Hello, and welcome to the Clo's Line blog! 

Clo's Line was first started in July 2012, when I had just finished working for a fantastic design studio in Winchester called Peagreen. During my time there, I created print designs for all sorts of products and companies such as Paperchase, Roger la Borde, H&M and Next. I loved designing these prints so much that I decided to launch my own business and create products of my own. My ambition was to combine my favourite things: designing, crafting, screenprinting and drinking tea, with my favourite subjects: colourful characters and quirky stories. I also decided that everything I made would be produced either by hand in my studio or using UK based manufacturers and printers, and I would also use the most eco-friendly materials and processes that I could find.

After a lot of hard work, late nights and copious amount of tea, Clo's Line is ready to launch! The first product range features a penguin colony, with several individuals already in a festive mood. Here's a sneak preview of the giftwrap design. Can you spot the merrymakers in the crowd?? 

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