Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Christmas Crafting - Crackers!

My next crafting mission was to create a personal favourite... Crackers!!

You will need:
  • Some penguin wrapping paper
  • A cracker pattern, like this one:
  • A printer
  • Scissors, or a craft knife and cutting mat
  • A ruler
  • A blunt instrument to score with, like a butter knife
  • Ribbon to tie the ends
  • Cracker snaps
  • Treats or confetti to fill your crackers with
1) Print out your cracker pattern and lay it on top of the wrapping paper. Carefully cut out the template using scissors or a craft knife and ruler. You can decide whether or not to chop into the ends. I made one with zig-zag edges and one without.

2) Use a scoring tool or a butter knife and ruler to score the fold lines on the template. Gently fold the cracker into shape.

3) Align a cracker snap with the middle of your cracker, and tape it into position. Glue or tape the bottom edge of the cracker and attach it to the other edge, forming the cracker body.

4) Fill your cracker with goodies, then tie up the ends.

5) Finished! Go forth and pop!

And just to round off today's post... another customised card design!

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