Saturday, 19 July 2014

Design a Day Challenge - Day Five

Today I went to visit Chester for a change of scenery. I really enjoyed exploring the city and finding lots of lovely new inspiration! I made a list of even more new ideas which I may refer back to over the next few Design a Day challenges.
By the time I got back to my studio after my adventure I was left with very little time for today's challenge!
I decided to enjoy a bit of relaxed doodling and to go back to basics...

1 x felt marker
1 x fineliner
A multitude of bunnies.

The result? One page full of little critters. (89 in fact.)

Once I had scanned in the original page of artwork, I decided to leave it just as it was and didn't edit the drawings in any way. I think it would be interesting to try reworking the design into a repeat, and to overlap the bodies of the characters at the front. You can never have too many bunnies in my opinion!

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